Nordic Press have been producing free diaries for churches, cathedrals, golf clubs, schools, organisations, and charities since 2010. Most diaries are supplied free of any cost depending on the quantity required.

We take care of everything from the initial design in our studio through to print and delivery. All production is conducted in house at our 8,000 square foot factory and studio based in Margate, Kent.

The standard complimentary diary has a quality finish and feel with a gloss laminated heavy weight cover, whilst the inner has a combination of colour pages and a black and white full year diary. The outer pages are personalised to your church, cathedral or organisation and can contain any information you require.

We also offer diaries with a faux leather cover that are gold foiled or for a more exclusive diary often used for golf clubs, a full leather cover with gold corners, and gold or silver foiling and should you wish a ribbon bookmark.

Cathedrals, churches, schools, and charities have found our diaries beneficial and often use them to raise much needed funds. Whilst Golf and club diaries also provide an additional benefit to their members.

Below are a few examples of our diaries

Cathedral diary with gold leaf cover.

The Westminster Cathedral diary has a royal blue pvc cover and gold foiling. There are a number of cover colour options available including light blue, royal blue, red, green and black with either silver or gold foil.

As well as a complete liturgical calendar the diary contains informational pages including contact details with opening times, pages about the Cathedral, services offered, details about the friends of Westminster Cathedral, sunrise and sunset times, notable dates for the year, forward engagements, address pages, popular prayers, and some note pages. All content is personalised and can contain any content you require.

Diary Style: Church / Cathedral Pocket

Size: 120mm x 80mm

Cathedral and church diaries with printed cover.

Our standard church and cathedral diaries are printed with a full colour cover. This can be in any design you require, often printed with a quality image of your church or cathedral. The cover has a high gloss lamination offering protection and longevity for your diary.

Inner pages contain a full year diary including 8, 16 or 24  pages bespoke to your church, cathedral, school, or organisation. Other page combinations’ can be catered for to meet your requirements. Church diaries are available in all denominations.

Diary Style: Church / Cathedral Pocket

Size: 120mm x 80mm

 Golf diary

When it comes to diaries for golf clubs, we offer a wide range of options. The diary cover can be printed in any style you wish. It could be your corporate colours or a nice image of the club house or golf course. The cover is printed on a heavy weight 350gsm sustainable silk coated board and is finished with a gloss lamination that provides protection whilst out on the course. For a luxury golf club diary cover we offer coloured poly vinyl or leather, both with silver or gold foiling.

Inner pages are bespoke to the golf club and can contain any information you require. Often this will be contact details for the captain, club manager and pro shop. Many golf diaries include their club and competition rules for ease of reference for members and other information including committee dates and social engagements. We also include other useful pages like conversion tables and formulas, world times and much more.

On the calendar section, you can choose either our generic calendar or we can add all the important club and competition dates within the calendar.

Diary Style: Slimline Size: 152mm x 80mm

Slimline diary

Our complimentary free slimline diaries have always been popular with organisations, clubs and charities.

As with our other diaries the cover is printed in full colour and protected with a high gloss lamination onto a triple coated, sustainable silk coated board.

The inner pages consist of sixty-four calendar pages with a week per a page complete with moon phases, bank holidays and other noteable dates. Wrapped around the calendar section is either eight, sixteen or twenty-four pages that are bespoke to your club, charity or organisation. This can contain any information you require and is customisable to your needs. We find that up to twenty-four pages is sufficient, however the number of pages can be increased if more content is required.

Other useful pages can be included such as complete year calendars from previous and future years, upcoming notable dates, sunrise and sunset times.

Diary Style: Slimline Size: 152mm x 80mm

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