How do we produce free diaries for cathedrals and churches ?

If you are like myself, I am very sceptical when I hear the words “it’s free” I always say nothing is free you will pay for it in one way or another.

Now you’re probably wondering how we can claim that Nordic press is a printer of free diaries for cathedrals, churches, charities and golf clubs. Surely we cannot supply complimentary diaries to these organisations without any cost to ourselves?

Although the churches, cathedrals and clubs we supply do receive these diaries free of charge to, there is obviously a cost to ourselves which we cover in the way of advertisements. Once a church, cathedral, charity, school, golf club or any other organisation contact us for a free diary, a dedicated member of our sales team will discuss any requirements and the content required for the diary. This may include important community events and services provided by the church, cathedral, or club.

Our sales team will then look at selling adverts to be placed within the diary to cover the cost of the printing. They will not target just any potential advertiser as there is a strict criterion on what businesses we allow to advertise within the diary.

All advertisers must either be a member of the parish or local business in the same town or village. Their line of business must be appropriate for the diary and the local community. For example, a local taxi firm, florist, funeral directors etc would be suitable for a cathedral or church diary. A solicitor or accountants firm maybe more suited to a golf dairy . We may even ask if you have any potential advertisers within your parish or club that you feel may like to advertise within your diary.

Once our team have finalised your requirements for the diary and quantity required etc they them pass the details along with any editorial to our design studio. This is where your dairy comes to life.

Our studio manager will allocate a dedicated graphic designer to your dairy when he or she will design and produce a visual of your diary. They will process some proofs to be either emailed or posted to you for any amendments required or your approval.

Once the design process is complete and you have approved the proof, the diary is sent to our production department and the printing commences.

We will deliver your diary on a date that has been agreed, if no date is agreed all diaries will be delivered by mid-December. All advertisers will also receive a complimentary free diary.

Should you wish not to have any adverts within your diary, it then becomes chargeable. However due to the volume of diaries we print our prices are extremely competitive and can’t be beaten.

If we can help with any of your diary requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat on how we can assist.

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