Since its establishment in 1982 Truprint Litho has being producing high quality printing in 1, 2 and 4 colours, plus spot colours.

1 Colour

When we refer to 1 colour printing, it means that your artwork is printed with only one ink. That colour can be any that you specify, whether it is black or any of the Pantone Matching System range.

2 Colour

The term 2 colour printing means the use of 2 inks on the press, again the choice is your decision. This could be black and another colour, or two Pantone colours.

4 Colour (CMYK)

4 colour printing is used when a full colour picture needs to be reproduced i.e. a photograph, illustration or painting. Usually the four inks used are cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K), a combination of these colours when screened will create the impression of a continuous tone picture or almost any colour required.

Spot Colour

Spot colours are often used in conjunction with 4 colour printing to make a 5 or 6 colour print run. Reasons for using spot colours range from guaranteeing corporate colours are accurate, adding a metallic ink i.e. gold or silver, or adding a flourescent colour. Advice and information about using spot colours is available by contacting the Production Team (+44 (0)1843 220200).


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1 colour

2 colour

4 colour